Dear Prospective Client;

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Hopefully you will find
    it informative and helpful. If you have any questions about your legal
    rights, do not hesitate to call me.

    I have a different philosophy of practicing law. Rather than talking at
    clients, I prefer to listen to what my clients have to say, think about their
    questions and concerns and only then give them advice. Too many lawyers
    are in to much of a hurry to listen to their clients. While time is money,
    you deserve the attention of the attorney that you are hiring, not just that
    of a legal assistant or a case manager.

    I also have a different idea concerning how to develop my law practice. I
    have built it one client at a time. My clients have come from word of
    mouth from former clients or the recommendation of other attorneys. I
    have never done a TV ad and hopefully I never will have to. You won't see
    my face on a billboard on the freeway either. I think that every one of my
    clients is my best potential advertisement. Rather than spending money
    being on TV, I spend my time and money representing my clients and
    working hard on their legal matters. When you think about it, that is how
    it should be. Something as personal as your attorney isn't something that
    you should pick off the TV. Thinking that way, I try to treat each and
    every client as their case is the most important one that I have ever
    worked on. When you think of it, to you it is the most important case that
    there is because it is your case.

    What I ask is that when you need an attorney for a personal injury claim,
    that you give me a call. Unless I am in Court, I am generally in my office
    during the business day. When someone calls and asks for me, I do my
    best to take each and every call from a prospective client personally. Give
    me a chance to listen to what happened to you or your family, what your
    injury has done to you and your family and your concerns about your legal
    needs. After I listen, we can then talk about whether I can help you, what
    you can expect and what we need to do from there.

    Thanks again for taking the time to visit my website. I hope that it has
    helped you answer some of your questions about the law and your legal
    rights. If you have a specific problem or question that you need help with,
    don't hesitate to call.

    Very truly yours;
    Law Office Of James W. Keene

    Not Certified By The Texas Board of Legal Specialization
My Philosophy:
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